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Restaurant - Ypsylon Resorts - Sri Lanka | Westküste



Our restaurant offers enough space for all guests and is located on the ground floor of the building. From all the tables you can enjoy a magnificent view of the sea and our two islands.

Directly in front of the beach under Palm Trees are more tables available to our guests. A free wifi-access is available 24 hours a day throughout the restaurant. Our restaurant is open daily from 7am to 11pm.

Warm Dishes are served from 11am to 10pm. It offers both international as well as national dishes. The dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients from our own cultivation and own production and are very popular in the surroundings.

Our bar is open from 11am to 11pm. If required even longer. It offers our guests, among other things, excellent, homemade cocktails and mocktails.

Direkt vor dem strand

A view into our menu card

Breakfast will be served from 7am to 11am. This is made up of local and international dishes. A so-called
Intercontinental Breakfast is also available for your convenience.

Singhalese Breakfast

Pot of tea or local coffee, fresh juice. The local breakfast changes every day it is home made and offers different choices like roti, chapatti, hoppers, naan, and dosai with different curries or milk rice out of unpolished red rice. The flavours differ between sweet, fruity, tart up to savoury and spicy.

Fresh Lobster

Lobsters, Jumbo Prawns, fish etc catched by our own fleet in the Indian ocean, grilled in garlic butter, served with mixed salad and cocktail sauce.

Rice and Curry

Traditional local food. Choice of chicken, fish, beef, prawn or pork with different seasonal vegetables, cooked in coconut milk with a variety of local spices, served with pappadam, rice and home made chutney.

Like at home

German Rinderroulade with choice of potatoes, served with mixed salad.

Pineapple surprise

Served in a half pineapple shell with seasonal fruit salad and vanilla ice-cream.

Continental Breakfast

Pot of tea or local coffee, breadbasket, butter, homemade jam, fresh juice (seasonal offers) Choice of eggs, curds sweet or seasoned, Muesli or Cornflakes. German Filter coffee or Lavazza choices are available at an extra cost.