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Healing and Relaxation from tradition

Ayurveda is the oldest traditional healing of mankind. Three thousand years ago, it had an university character. There already existed independent specialist areas such as internal medicine, surgery, gynaecology or paediatrics. In a brilliant way, theory and practice were interrelated, rational thought and spiritual development were not opposites, but complementary.

Ayurveda sees man as a unity of body, mind and soul, which is in constant interaction with the environment. The human body is in constant inner movement and renewal. In its 100 trillion cells, a quadrillion of chemical reactions takes place every second – an almost unimaginable number with 31 zeros. In the same second several million cells are broken down and replaced by newly formed cells. And despite the many stresses that endanger this inner balance on a daily basis, the human organism is able to maintain its health and performance largely independently for decades.

Spa still life with orchid flowers and soft towels on wooden background
Spa still life with orchid flowers and soft towels on wooden background

Our Center

Our doctors and therapists are leading organs of today ‘s Ayurvedic medicine and have practiced this traditional customs for several generations. The ayurvedic pulse diagnosis and the holistic therapy of chronic diseases are the focus of most treatment methods. These are always performed in silence, which leads to a state of deep relaxation for body and soul.
Our center offers a variety of classic spa treatments, ayurvedic treatments, holistic treatments for several days and specially adapted ayurvedic treatments according to the Panchakarma principle.

The Panchakarma Principle

Panchakarma is a system of precisely coordinated physical treatments. This therapy, which has been tried and tested for thousands of years, is aimed at purifying the organism gently and permanently. This is possible because the individual steps of the Panchakarma system are extremely systematically free from toxins. The therapeutic sequence consists of three steps:

Das Panchakarma Prinzip - System abgestimmter physikalischer Behandlungen


As a prelude to the treatment sequence, environmental toxins and body-metabolic toxins accumulated in the body are dissolved – almost always with fat-soluble substances. There are a large number of different, extremely pleasant oil massages and diets that serve this purpose.

Thus, toxins that bind only to fats and are normally extremely difficult to remove from the cells can also be released again. To drive toxins from the organism is the most important goal of Panchakarma.

Young woman having oil massage spa treatment. Ayurveda Sri Lanka
Young woman having oil massage spa treatment.


Woman having ayurvedic massage with back pouch of rice. Close up of exotic India massage.

Subsequently, the basic turnover of the body is increased by a targeted metabolic activation. In this treatment phase, the patient enjoys medicinal herb baths, heat packs and compresses or even gentle massages with healing – promoting substances.

Whole-body oils are also part of this category. These measures emit the previously dissolved pollutants with the blood stream towards the intestine.


The substances dissolved in the first two stages are then transported to the intestine and are systematically eliminated from the body by enemas or forced discharge by the use of Aryuvedic medication This ensures that the cleansing and detoxification of the body is really completed and that mobilized pollutants do not return to the cells.

ELIMINATION - The substances dissolved and then transported and eliminated from the body by the use of Aryuvedic - Ayurveda

The Panchakarma Treatments

The Ayurvedic doctor according to the disease pattern individually arranges the Panchakarma treatments or disorder pattern after a thorough diagnosis.

The Panchakarma Treatments - The highest principle in all Ayurveda treatments is their harmlessness

Thus the respective constitutional type of the three doshas and the general constitution of the patient are taken into account. The highest principle in all Ayurveda treatments is their harmlessness: the doctor recognizes the measures that promote the patient’s balance without overburdening the self-regenerating powers.

The gentle, profound treatments of the Panchakarma system are indicated for almost all diseases. Once the organism has been cleansed, all other forms of therapy are more effective. The healing powers are then clearly activated, and the organism can recover even more quickly with the help of Ayurveda herbal preparations

In addition, Panchakarma also has a preventive character: Regularly carried out, this general overhaul ensures that solid slag’s cannot accumulate at all and thus future diseases are removed from the outset. The consequence is a health and resilience of the body that goes far beyond the normal level, which leaves the individual unaged for a long time.

Likewise, the Panchakarma cure creates a mental balance that supports optimism, self-assurance and healthy joie   in all living conditions.

Panchakarma also has a preventive character - Ayurveda Sri Lanka

Ypsylon Resort Ayurveda Center Video

The Ayurveda Center in Sri Lanka. Relaxation, healing, rest.


Prices in LKR per person.


Facial massage20 min1600,-
Head massage20 min1600,-
Shoulder / neck massage20 min1800,-
Whole body massage50 min3500,-
Whole body synchronous massage50 min4000,-
Foot massage20 min1600,-
Steam or Herbalbath20 min2000,-
Thermomassage40 min3500,-
Intensive massage50 min4000,-
Inhalation20 min1600,-
Forehead Oil20 min3000,-
Accupuncture / Accupressure20 minab 2000,
Nose / forehead cleaning20 min1600,-
+ 10% Service Charge

Wellness Offers

1 day, 5 treatments in the block9.000,-
3 days, 15 treatments in the block25.000,-
5 days, 25 treatments in the block40.000,-
+ 10% Service Charge


Panchakarma Cleansing


Overnight stay, ayurvedic full-board, daily medical care, German-speaking guest care, approx. 5 treatments per block per day. Yoga, meditation classes and Ayurveda lectures.

14 days in Single or Double roomfrom 230.000,-
21 days in Single or Double roomfrom 345.000,-

For non-residents

7 days with Full Cateringfrom 107.625,-
14 days with Full Cateringfrom 211.750,-
21 days with Full Cateringfrom 315.875,-


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